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MiniZ line

100% electric, no fumes, no noise
Maximum power
3x3 kW4 HP4 HP
Rated load capacity
400 kg882 lb882 lb

Remotely operated small tracked loader.
Work the tight spaces, oversight externally, all-terrain capacity.

Key features

Compact Modular Construction

The MiniZ is the perfect machine for interior construction, demolition, maintenance, or recycling. Its sustainable and adaptable design ensures long-term use, while its low operational weight enables easy transportation and use within residential and commercial buildings.

Robust Narrow Track System

Our groundbreaking track drive delivers unparalleled power and traction across all surfaces. Measuring just 31 inches in width and boasting a hinge pin height of over 6.5 feet the MiniZ easily fitting through 32” standard interior doors and efficiently tackles demolition tasks in standard interior spaces. It's the ideal choice for maneuvering in small spaces across multiple industries.

Technical data

MiniZ 400

Standard features

  • Basic bucket
  • Danfoss professional ISO Joystick remote control
  • Lead-acid battery 48V/225Ah
  • External battery charger (3 phase or 1 phase)
  • Danfoss hydraulic system
  • Independent motors – 2 for drive, 1 for hydraulics
  • Micro-speed control
  • Remote diagnostics system


  • Cable set pre-install for electric attachments
  • Demolition kit for extra protection
  • Lithium battery option
  • Mobile application
All technical specifications and other information can be found in our section

Experience MiniZ, why?

Bluetooth Module

Utilize joystick radio remote control or your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for an alternative operation, using the same mobile application as the Elise model. This feature eliminates issues when radio-controlled operation malfunctions or the remote controller is damaged.

Attachment Plate Selection

Choose from three different attachment plates, including FGI proprietary, Bobcat M55, and ToroDingo options. This selection empowers end consumers to utilize their own fleet of attachments, either at the manufacturing stage or as a replacement option

New Control Panel

The controls have been relocated to the easily accessible rear part of the machine for faster and more user-friendly operation. This design eliminates the need to open the cover for machine operation, while also improving protection for the radio antenna and enhancing operator safety with a new Start/Stop safety button.

4-Speed Control System

Operators can conveniently select from four travel speeds and four hydraulic speeds, allowing modifications based on various task requirements for precise operation.

2.4 GHz Remote Control:

The free frequency mode facilitates remote control operation in regions where 433 MHz operation is not permitted. Manage your fleet through our customer portal and assign different rights to operators. All machines are administered and operated uniformly through this system.

Demolition Kit

A robust heavy-duty demolition kit safeguards the track system and machine body from damage caused by residual material during demolition. This enhanced durability, combined with the machine's sturdy frame, offers an optimal solution for the construction industry.

Model comparison

* Features unique to this particular machine

Battery comparison

MiniZ 400 MiniZ 400 MiniZ 400 MiniZ 400 MiniZ 400
Nominal battery capacity 136 Ah 272 Ah 210 Ah 225 Ah 225 Ah
Nominal battery energy 7 kWh 14 kWh 10,75 kWh 10,8 kWh 10,8 kWh
Battery type Lithium Lithium Lithium Lead-Acid Lead-Acid
Partial charging YES YES YES YES* NO
Extra maintenance required NO NO NO YES YES
Recyclability NO NO NO YES YES
Fast charge option YES YES YES NO NO
Battery voltage 48V 48V 48V 48V 48V
Hotswap option NO NO NO YES YES
Extra weights required YES YES YES NO NO
Protection IP66 IP66 IP65 NO NO
Chargers Zivan SG3 - 48V
Zivan SG3 - 48V
Zivan SG3 - 48V
Hoppecke for 48V
Zivan SG3 - 48V
* Partial recharging during work is possible, but the machine must be recharged to 100% after work is finished

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